We partner with resellers across the globe to develop targeted solutions for industries and enterprise companies via specialty software and hardware solutions.

ReticleConnect provides the opportunity for creative and innovative companies to leverage the power and potential of ODG smartglasses to deliver solutions and products to customers across multiple geographies and markets. ODG works with Fortune 1000 companies in multiple industries and our partner program creates a pathway for advanced wearable products and solutions to get onto the heads of customers throughout the global marketplace.

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Our Reseller Partners

3D Studio Blomberg

About 3D Studio Blomberg: Founded in 2006 in Finland, 3D Studio Blomberg delivers innovative visual tools and solutions to support all aspects of a product, solution or service’s lifecycle.

3D Studio Blomberg and ODG: 3D Studio Blomberg provides customized visualization solutions and applications for ODG smartglasses. Adding relevant and critical digital information and providing integration with back-office IT systems, they help speed up and improve work, communication and quality across industries.

Advanced Mobile Applications (AMA)

About AMA: Founded in London in 2004, AMA is now based in Rennes, France. In February 2014, AMA powered the world's first surgery simulcast through connected smartglasses. Today the Company has software that creates a robust remote assistance and remote training solution for industrial, enterprise and medical clients.

AMA and ODG: AMA’s solution, Xpert Eye, is optimized for ODG devices and is available as a full-service package for those looking for a remote assistance and training solution.


About Atheer: Founded in 2011, Atheer is based in Silicon Valley. Atheer believes that communication between deskless professionals and subject matter experts is key to enabling quick decision-making and a productive workforce and is a pioneer in the use of smartglasses for the delivery of information.

Atheer and ODG: Atheer provides a see-what-I-see remote collaboration solution on ODG smartglasses called AiR Suite. AiR Suite allows your company to easily create AR content and task flows, manage and communicate with your users via video and messaging, and send task flows/PDFs/manuals to smartglass users in the field. AiR Suite also comes with proprietary voice and simple gesture recognition for ODG devices.


About BiDent: BiDent Solutions has been established with a specific focus on the Marketing and Sales of Security and Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions based on Imagus Technology facial recognition software and ODG AR Smartglasses. Imagus is an acknowledged world leader in the research and development of facial recognition solutions based on the latest Deep Learning techniques which work reliably in real-world environments.

BiDent and ODG: Imagus Mobile Face Recognition is perfectly matched to ODG’s Smartglasses. Established, fixed CCTV camera installations, are extended and dramatically enhanced by eye-level recognition from ODG Smartglasses. This combination is a powerful Safety and Business Productivity force multiplier. ODG delivers a hands free, non-intrusive identification tool to Managers, Site Supervisors, and First Responders to recognize both welcome and unwelcome clients, staff and contractors, instantly providing their individual history and qualifications, and determining their right to be in the place where they are found.


About Deafenabled: Founded in Redwood City, California in 2016, DeafEnabled develops specialized applications that enable the hearing impaired and deaf community. DeafEnabled integrates technologies such as head-worn computing, see-through displays and software, that collaborate on smart glasses.

About Deafenabled and ODG: DeafEnabled is utilizing ODG smartglasses as a platform for their solution, DeafComm. A two-way communications solution, it facilitates independence and enables access other AR/VR based education, rehabilitation, social media and diagnostic tools.

EON Reality

About EON: Founded in 1999, EON Reality is a multinational virtual reality and augmented reality software developer headquartered in Irvine, California. EON has developed AR and VR-based knowledge transfer solutions that deliver in-field training and information overlays.

EON and ODG: From simple maintenance tasks to full facility operations, together EON Reality’s software and ODG’s smartglasses support real time contextual knowledge transfer in a number of industrial settings. Learn faster, remember longer, and make better decisions.


Essert develops technology solutions for industrial automation processes. The company provides augmented automation solutions, such as automation systems, visualization systems, drive technology, and databases for various industrial services; process control solutions; and planning, retrofit, commissioning, and servicing and support of control systems, as well as constructs, assembles, and installs control cabinets. Essert serves the system construction, chemical industry, food industry, mechanical engineering, medical engineering, packaging, sewage technology, and the water supply sectors.


Eyesucceed provides solutions that transform the way people interact with technology in the food industry to solve real-world challenges. Their mission is to become the global leader known for wearable devices and cutting-edge technology that will transform how job functions are performed across the food industry. EyeSucceed helps this industry adopt wearable technology and bring together emerging wearable devices with unique applications.

Context Surgery

Context Surgery offers a specific selection of available visualizations and reality augmentations which suit the medical professional's needs best. From critical information such as patient vital signs, pertinent drug dosage, test results, and intra-operative imaging to patient record & case history data from the EMR, all of this vital information is pushed to smartglasses at the right time and in the right place as un-intrusively as possible.


About Fieldbit: Founded in Israel in 2014, Fieldbit is a developer of augmented reality collaboration solutions. Its enterprise class, out-of-the-box, hands-free technology enables on-site service engineers to collaborate seamlessly with experts in the service center. Fieldbit increases remote resolution and first time fix rates, minimizing costly downtime and enhancing customer satisfaction. All actions and information exchanged in a repair session are recorded and documented, helping organizations preserve practical knowledge and address the challenges of an aging workforce.

Fieldbit and ODG: Fieldbit utilizes ODG’s heads up, hands free computing smartglasses as the necessary platform to empower industry workers with their unique solution.


About Geotrade-Ivanov Ltd: Founded in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1991, Geotrade is a trade company that primarily focuses as an electronic equipment suppliers for Bulgaria and the neighboring region.

Geotrade and ODG: Utilizing the ODG smartglasses platform, Geotrade collaborates with local business that wish to create a solution on an innovative mobile computing platform.


About ITiZZiMo: Founded in 2012 and based in Germany, ITiZZiMO’s Smart Business Platform Simplifier enables companies to add digital value to products, create improved business flow processes and provide integration with back-office IT-systems.

About ITiZZiMO and ODG: Custom software built for ODG devices, ITiZZiMO’s solution helps companies optimize their productivity and Industrial IoT strategy.


About MedWeb: Founded in 1989 in San Francisco, Medweb is a technology leader in the delivery of web-enabled, secure telemedicine, teleradiology and RIS/PACS solutions with over 1,000 installations worldwide.

MedWeb and ODG: Medweb’s ODG solution is used by the U.S. military, with products capable of working in sub-optimal and highly demanding conditions. Medweb's platforms facilitate electronic acquisition, viewing, communication/transmission, publishing, and storage of medical data. Their solutions can be easily integrated with existing HIS and RIS systems, and meet U.S. standards for HIPAA compliance.


NuEyes and ODG: Founded in 2016 in Newport Beach, California, NuEyes is a full service solution on ODG smartglasses that is dedicated to delivering the gift of sight. NuEyes makes it possible for those with visual impairments to see, allowing them to connect with loved ones and others without always having to use a big clunky machine. NuEyes allows adjustable magnification, variable contrast settings, TV watching, and

voice activation through the lenses on the glasses. They allow those struggling with vision loss to maintain and/or regain significant independence and improve their quality of life.


About ocluavis: Founded in 2016, oculavis is a German software company that has its roots in the Fraunhofer Society and RWTH Aachen University. oculavis offers custom development projects in the areas of augmented reality, quality assurance, worker guidance and training.

oculavis and ODG: Using their award winning remote process platform "SHARE" on ODG smartglasses allows for worldwide remote collaboration of experts with service technicians, quality managers, customers or suppliers.


About Prefixa: Founded in 2003 in Puebla, Mexico, Prefixa develops and delivers 3D cameras for the dimensional inspection market. Prefixa’s Orbiter3D camera head can recover 3D profiles in seconds, and is utilized by complex inspection stations.

Prefixa and ODG: In partnership with Rapidform, who provide the software, Prefixa delivers a complete solution on ODG’s smartglasses that enables 3D modeling, 3D measurement tools and allows for the reverse engineering from 3D scan.


About Ried: Founded and based in Munich, Germany, Ried System Electronic is one of the world's leading system integrators for mobile video. Ried’s systems are used in firefighting, defense and other special vehicles.

Ried and ODG: Ried offers a night-vision solution that uses ODG smartglasses in special police force vehicles in combination with Ried’s mobile camera systems. ODG’s smartglasses are able to wirelessly receive input from a front thermal image camera so that the driver can operate the vehicle at night. This becomes especially useful in a “blackout mode” where the driver cannot use any lighting in or on the vehicle.


About Upskill: Upskill (formerly APX Labs) is the market leader in enterprise software for augmented reality devices in industrial settings. Trusted by the world’s greatest companies, such as GE, Boeing, Rio Tinto, and Shell, Upskill’s AR platform, Skylight, enhances the capabilities of hands-on workers to measurably and immediately improve business operations from the factory to the warehouse to the jobsite.

Upskill and ODG: Skylight on ODG smartglasses connects workers to the information they need to do their jobs with greater efficiency and fewer errors. ODG’s rugged design and high-quality optics are ideal for manufacturing, field service, and logistics environments.

Vital Enterprises

About Vital Enterprises: Founded in 2013 and based in Silicon Valley, Vital leverages Smart Glasses to empower technicians, engineers, and anyone working with their hands in high-skill high-stakes roles. Vital’s software platform for smartglasses supports complex manufacturing and field servicing across several verticals, including aerospace, automobile, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, high tech and energy.

Vital and ODG: Vital's software platform works with ODG smartglasses to revolutionize quality assurance for enterprises engaged in manufacturing and servicing complex machines and infrastructure. Vital's software platform delivers task information and remote team support right to a technician's point of work. By empowering technicians to complete complex tasks quickly and accurately, Vital optimizes productivity, quality, and cost.


About XMReality: Founded in 2007 and based in Linköping Sweden, XMReality provides knowledge sharing solutions for effective and profitable aftermarket and field services to organizations all over the world by utilizing AR. By implementing their remote guidance solution, users can provide a faster, more accurate service at a lower cost. XMReality’s solutions also enable companies to share knowledge beyond traditional phone calls, video conferencing and chat functions by building up a "knowledge library" based on remote sessions.

XMReality and ODG: XMReality’s innovative telepresence software on the ODG’s cutting edge smartglasses solution enables the user with real time remote guidance experience coupled with using hands overlay for more precise instructions.