• Porsche is using ODG.
    Porsche "Tech Live Look" Pioneers
    Augmented Reality In U.S. Auto Repairs
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  • Amaze Yourself.
    The future of hands-free,
    wearable augmented reality, today.
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  • See Through the Smoke
    First-of-its-kind heads-up display (HUD) oxygen mask. Utilizing ODG’s award-winning head-worn technology to aid pilots in emergency landings.
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  • ODG Partners with KDDI
    ODG partners with KDDI Corporation to bring next generation mobile computing platform to Japan.
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Wall Street Journal
USA Today

“The Next Mobile Computing Platform:
A Pair Of Sunglasses.”


“The most powerful mobile device is no longer a mobile phone.”


“One of the very few companies actually shipping is ODG.”

Wall Street Journal

“ODG has been in augmented reality since before the term existed.”


“ODG just set the new bar
for Augmented Reality.”


“One of the most fascinating wearables I've ever seen.”


“...a pair of (smart)glasses that
consumers can appreciate.”


Mobile Technologies and Smartglasses are Rapidly Changing How Oil and Gas Workers Spend Their Time

ODG and Citrix Collaborate to Deliver the SmartOffice of the Future

How Innovations in AR Will Continue to Change Our Lives

Award-Winning AR

CNET Reviews the R-7HL Smartglasses

Saks AR Shopping Experience

Now Calibrated to Hollywood Standards

Meet Our Products

Our line of extended reality smartglasses span from heavy duty enterprise usage, to at home interactive and cinematic entertainment. See how our smartglasses are the future of hands-free wearable technology, today.

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ODG is a leading wearable technology company that develops and manufactures mobile, self contained and lightweight head-worn mixed reality smartglasses with photo-realistic imagery.

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